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Thursday, 19 November 2015

And now it's winter

Well, as promised, Tuesday brought winter.  Actually, Mother Nature brought 'more', as she often does to this country.  Our 'morning flurries bringing up to two inches of snow" brought more like 8 or 9 inches, and much more in some areas.  Was almost a total whiteout for much of the day.  
But that is to be expected for this time of year, so a person can't really wimp too much.  It's been a darn nice fall overall.  But part of the normal business is grumping about the weather, right?  
The cows certainly had a few complains.  In fact, there was a nearly unanimous decision from the bovine section and it went something like this.  "Feed me."  
It took some serious work (once the snow stopped) to convince them that it was futile to stand at the fences and bawl, and that, yes, they really must head back out.  (The snow is actually a good thing as it keeps them off the stubble of the meadows and short grasses, and forces them out to rustle in the swamps.)  They would rather be fed and made no excuses for it.  
They are back out rustling.  Wore out my husband, my horse, my dogs and my voice, but we got it done!  

Heading back out across the meadow.  

Snow in the trees makes for a cold wet ride.  

Dealer dog is re-considering his profession.  

Bulls are enjoying the sunshine after a -20 night!

Cheers all!



Karen Marie said...

Beautiful pictures!! Poor Dealer and that is a lot of cows in one spot!!!
How are the Aussi's doing or did they decide to leave - LOL!
Think of you all the time... blessings, Karen

Terra Hatch said...

Hi Karen! Dealer looks very sad in the photo, but actually he was mostly exhausted. Couldn't be bothered to shake the snow off any more! He and Bree both worked very hard and I was thankful to have them. They both got extra treats in their dinner that night.
The Aussies are doing great. Back from the Rodeo Finals in Edmonton and right back in to fencing at Five Mile. We've sure been lucky this year with extra awesome help!