Welcome to our ranch near Canada's west coast in Beautiful British Columbia's West Chilcotin mountain region. Where calling the vet means hollering back at the house to bring your kit, new friendships are formed from the back of a horse and true fun for a five year old is getting a machete for Christmas. Where 'cutting the dinks off' has a totally different meaning than what first comes to mind, Muck Boots are a household name, a hand shake still means something and the coffee is always on.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Busy busy

Just a quick note today.  We've been super busy the last while.  We brought the cow herd in on Thursday, vaccinated the heifers on Friday and then vaccinated the cow herd early Saturday morning before the branding started.  The branding went really well, with about 350 head getting done in about 4 hours.  Good help makes it easy!  The calves look good, nice and uniform.  I didn't manage to take any photos as I was too busy running around, but I'll post some soon from what other people took.  The Cattlemens Meeting is today as well (and I'm the secretary) so time is pretty short at the moment.  

Was a bad night last night as we lost a heifer on her back, and then there was a calf dead up at the feed ground as well.  Dang it.  :(  The calf probably died from a punctured gut (we loose one or two every year to that).  

Summer Range 

All for now, take care everyone!  


Unknown said...

Great photos! Nice to be reminded of the beautiful country up in that part of the world.

Unknown said...

The photo of everyone riding into the sunset is absolutely gorgeous. I want that framed! Beautiful!