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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

So dang cute!!

Yep, you guessed it.  The first foal has been born and he is so darn cute, it near brings a tear to your eye.  (They all are.....)  
He was born about a week ago to my little brown mare Bun.  And she is sure a proud first time momma!  

The other two mares are also getting close and I expect this wee man will have some play mates within a couple of weeks. 

Quiet snooze while momma stands guard.  

In other news, I've been a bit of a taxi driver and the old minivan has put some miles on.  Friday morning I took two of our local students to a Youth Camp for the weekend (about a 5 hour drive), and it was truly amazing.  Lots of theater improv, rhythm, arts and crafts, icebreaker games, beat boxing, singing, drumming etc etc.  There were 5 very qualified facilitators and it was a joy to watch them break these 'high risk' youth out of their shells and guide them towards a more confident future.  Fun and inspiring!  If anyone is looking for a personal growth and confidence building youth camp, based on creativity, I would highly recommend looking on this website.  www.pyeglobal.org  This camp was actually the third part of my own training and I'm quite looking forward to practicing a bit.  Trail riders beware! You may find yourself learning the names of your group through a rhythm game, or suddenly in the middle of "Bat and Moth", or the focus of a "Bugalo" song!  Ha. 
So we made the drive home Sunday night and Monday we sorted and moved horses around.  No photos there as I was too busy hanging on!  lol  Going bareback always seems like a good idea until I have to head flat out across the pasture, through rocks, holes, brush and trees, to turn the obstinate herd wanting to go the wrong way!  Stinkers!  I'm always very careful to hand pick my mount on these occasions as even the gentlest horse tends to get a bit frisky in that kind of situation.  Sweet Tiffany came through for me again though as I managed to stay on and she managed to keep us upright so all was well.  

Curious yearlings.

Jackson had a dentist appointment that I couldn't change so in we went again Monday night for his Tuesday morning date.  That's a 3 1/2 hour drive, by the way, to see the dentist for a half hour.  And then 3 1/2 hours back of course.  

The rest of the crew has been working on fence maintenance mostly, getting ready for animals to be out on range.  Getting meadows irrigated is also a huge priority, especially this year with the already dry conditions.  Mum's wrist continues to heal well, although she still has to be very careful and keep it elevated as much as possible.  She is really looking forward to riding 'just a little' in the very near future.  Jackson has given permission for her to use his horse Rea until her arm is better.  :)  I really should dedicate a post to that mare as she is truly one of a kind.  Another night..... 
        It was pretty hot this afternoon so we stopped at Pyper Lake for a break.  Beautiful.   

And now we will truly begin with the riding.  We are going to start shifting cows around tomorrow and then begin sorting properly for the different ranges and pastures Thursday.  I'm not quite as caught up with the shoeing as I would like, but I'm getting there.  There are enough shod to get us started anyhow.

The heifers are beginning to turn their noses up at the hay bales and browse for grass.  Still snowy Ilgatchuz Mountains in the background.  

Take care all!


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Unknown said...

Love seeing those snowy mountains in the background knowing that's where we've spent so much time relaxing (with cocktails of course!) in the creeks