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Saturday, 19 September 2015

We've won the lottery

Yes, we have won the lottery, but unfortunately, the money is not coming in.

I hardly watch the news (especially in the summer) and it is always so depressing when I do catch it. I went in to Williams Lake on Thursday for some meetings and to finish shopping for the hunts Friday. I had a wonderful visit with some close relatives and then watched the late night news when I got back to the home I often stay when I'm in Williams Lake. (Our school only goes to Grade 10 and so all students must find somewhere to stay to finish their high school. I was very lucky to stay with trail riders that became close family friends and are now know as Granny Lil and Poppa Don to my boys.) The late night news was full of politics, Syrian refugees and deaths of all sorts. Lovely thoughts and images right before bed......... blech. I think I'll tune in again in February.

One of my good trail riding friends wrote me an email the other day and it really struck a chord. After watching that new broadcast for the first time in months, her quote really stuck in my head and I've thought of it several times since.

So I'm sharing.

.... life is all about perspective. I like my nephew's comment to someone when they said they wished they could win the lottery....he said, "man, you live in Canada, you already won the lottery!" To my way of thinking a glass is never half full or half empty, it is always just plain full....be it water or air...it is all good!!

Leslie's nephew is right.  When life gets a bit fast and furious (as it tends to do),  we need to remember that 
in Canada, 

we can Dream Big,

follow our own path,   

choose our company, 

have clean air and clean water, 

plenty of food, 

 safe space to sleep,

and even if hobbled,
  generally make our own decision of when to move along.  

Yep, we've won the lottery.  

Thoughts for the night.  :)

(Thanks to Chris Harris and Magalie S. for the photos.)

Cheers all,


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