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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Reposting the Bear Story

Greetings all!  I hope that September was nicer to you than it has been to us, although if you live in Western Canada, I doubt it.  But it's all good.  Mother Nature decided to wait until the last bales were rolled up (on our ranch at least) before giving us a taste of winter.  Nothing too serious, just chilly and snowy/wet.  
It's been worse.  And with the fall leaves still on the trees and brush, there were some neat views.  

I was just chatting about predator issues the other day and commented that we rarely actually 'see' wolves.  Plenty of tracks mind you, ripped up animals and the occasional carcass, but rarely an actual wolf.  They are too smart and too shy.   (Did I mention I don't have any sheep left at all?  But the wolves were well fed for a very short time.  Dang them, I liked those sheep!)
The day I took the snowy photo above, I did actually see a wolf.  I was certainly noticing all the tracks, both older and very fresh, and looked up to see a dark body through the timber, just for a brief flash.      
Anyhow, this all reminded me of summer conversations, during which I had promised to repost a bear story and then the photos.  Clicking on the blue links below should take you to those posts if you choose.  

The Bear Story

Bear Kill Photos

And so there you have it.  I wrote and posted those in June of 2015.  There have been other incidents very similar. 

Not what you like to wake up to in September!  

In less gruesome news, the boys and I are back homeschooling.  I've set up with a new online program that I am pretty excited about.  Maybe I'm just getting used to it, but it feels like we are finding our rhythm already and plowing forward pretty steady.  

Do you see him?  Flashy!

We are working fairly steady to move the cows all on to fall range, and pulling the bulls off as we go.  There have been a few cold wet days for sure, but still not complaining!  (about that at least.)     

Kelsey riding Nelly.  
Chilly up in them there mountains eh?!  

Cheers for now,

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