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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Lost Caribou

As we sat for lunch at the kitchen table at Six Mile the other day, someone noticed a creature moving at a rapid rate of speed on the flat out front.  Binoculars proved right away that it was a caribou and we all watched in amazement as he trotted right in.  

I took this right out the picture window.  (That's the 'moose bale' to the right of the photo.)  He ducked off just before the house, mouth open and panting, trotted around behind the shop and continued down the road.  Actually, Nikky was on her way up in her car and they both had to skid to a startled stop when they met.  
Based on the track we found, we are nearly sure that he was separated from his herd (they often winter above our hay meadow) by wolves and the last sign we saw of him, he had wolves following him again.  :(  

   Momma moose leaving the breakfast table (hay stack) early in the morning. 

The weather remains outstandingly beautiful and warm....what a treat.  Calves are still just trickling in, hardly enough to mention yet.  We are doing just one night check at the moment.  We've just had Eve from New Zealand join us on the ranch and I'd say she will fit in very well.  She took the usual teasing easily and wasn't afraid to dish it back out.  :)   

 Grandma trying to convince a wee smarty pants that there is a nice dry shelter available, where no cows can step on him.  They get it figured out and in nasty weather, it is standing room only!  

Grandpa somehow keeps this old relic going.  Perfect for the boys!  Although never fails to create another arguement.......  "it's MY turn!"  

Cheers everyone, and thanks for the kind and encouraging words about the blog.  (And seriously, could someone please come up with a different name for it?  Blog just doesn't flow.....) 

Cheers all,


Diana Bertram said...

How about ...mountainsbeyondthecows.........journey....instead of blog...as we are all on the journey with you...

Terra Hatch said...

I like it Diana.....:)