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Monday, 28 December 2015

Smoked Christmas

Seasons Greetings!

Of course it has been a very busy time here, both with ranch life in general and Christmas in general.  

It's been a great one though, with heaps of Aussies (old friends and new), lots of family and local friends.  Always great to have the fresh perspective to help remember what an amazing country we live in.  Christmas day was beautiful, although cooled off drastically by late evening.  

In respect for all the Australians we had enjoying the 'white Christmas', I even attempted meat pies for the first time.  Granny Lil came through with the best pastry recipe and a good old mish mash of burger, onions, garlic and various cupboards spices seemed to all come together.  Least that's what they told me.  

And the smoker has truly been though the test.  I have to say that I am really not impressed with having it all so technical (read "finicky") but my goodness, it has turned out some amazing deliciousness.

Smoked eggs, a variety of cheeses and a few ribs on the bottom.
Yes, I said smoked eggs.  
This batch was pickled for a few days, smoked (about an hour and a half) and then put back in to the brine.  Amazing....
I think I'm just going to smoke cheese in general, not as a treat.  Makes a plain old sandwich or cracker.....gourmet!  

Christmas hams!  With a maple and dijon mustard rub overnight and then smoked for 5 hours....oh so good!  And even more amazing the next day.  

Yay, Santa came!  

 Moving Horses.  

 Down the road to Four Mile.  

 Russell Fence near Four Mile.  

Waiting for their turn.  

Cheers all!  


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