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Friday 6 March 2015

The Fitbit

So, I bought myself a Fitbit.  Which is an expensive toy disguised as a watch.  It's kinda cool though, as it tracks your steps, the mileage you do in a day, your sleep etc.  Plus tells you the time of course.  (Amazing how many miles we travel, and how little we sleep in general.)  A total indulgence that I'm a bit embarrassed about spending money on, but still fun.  And if I feel like I'm not getting enough 'steps", I just need to jump on the snowmobile to grain horses......it tracks every bump and I can assure you there are thousands and thousands of them along the trail and through the previously rustled ground.  The Fitbit is very impressed at how hard I work (when snowmobiling) and gives me Gold Stars and everything.  Totally worth the money right there.  :)  

        Cows in the 'feed pen', Itcha Mountains in the background.  

So I go to check out a cow the other day that was taking too long to calve. I take my hoodie off and push my right sleeve back.   My hand and arm goes in and the decision is made to help with cow out with a pull (the calf was trying to be born upside down).  
I needed my left hand for support as I helped right the calf and begin to set the pulling chains.  
As my left arm slides inside the momma cow, I suddenly realize what I'm doing and that perhaps the "water resistant" Fitbit wouldn't be warrantied if it quit due to submersion in amniotic fluid or misplaced in a uterus.  

I frantically jerked my arm and fancy watch back to the surface with "Oh $#&@ Laura, take it off, TAKE IT OFF!"    

I'm happy to say the calf arrived safe and sound.  And the Fitbit survived the birth as well, in much the same shape as the calf.  Warm, wet and slimy.

Do you think Fit Bit would appreciate and publish my review on the toughness of their product?  

It's Nikky's fault I'm writing this.  When I told her the story she said "you should totally put this in your blog.  Pure Chilcotin humor right there."  Hope we didn't make you lose your breakfast.  :) 

 'Sun dog' over the corral system as Eli walks a heifer to the barn.  


Unknown said...

hahahaha! When I saw the headline, I thought you were referring to a fancy new bridle bit. I also have been thinking about getting one of these gadgets...now I'm totally convinced.

And what a great product testimonial...you SHOULD get a free one!!

Terra Hatch said...

Lol, thanks Carla. I was a bit hesitant to post this one, but happy to get the feedback. It really was funny. I love the Fitbit, but actually haven't worn it for a while. It has a really stupid way of doing up....they tried to reinvent the wheel and went with a different system than the usual watch clasp. I've ordered some reinforcement for it and hopefully it has arrived in the mail by now. I've very curious about my current 'mileage' as we are fully busy now.....

embee said...

That was laugh out loud funny! You're a great writer and I look forward to reading more of your blog posts. You are an incredibly hardworking crew there - thanks for giving us city folks a glimpse of ranch life!

Terra Hatch said...

Thanks Margaret! I appreciate you taking the time to comment and happy you are enjoying my new blogging journey.

Unknown said...

You ARE a great writer Punky and love reading your blog.
13 miles and only 300 yds. from the house - amazing! Like you actually NEED one of these unlike us city dwelling sloths!

Terra Hatch said...

Oh Karen, I only walk that much during this short period of calving season! And only because it is not practical to use a horse....... ;P