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Saturday 16 May 2015

Happy Dance!

Two days ago we rode to the Four Mile property with the intention of moving the yearlings back up to the main ranch.  Four Mile is also where the foaling mares are being kept.  As we rode across the pasture, Eagle Eyed Nikky says "hey, I think that big mare has foaled."  With my amazing eye sight and no glasses, I could almost tell there were horses in the pen.  Seemed very strange that 'Miss Kitty" had foaled as we had just checked and would have guessed her to be last.  And guessed correctly.  As it happens, "Pretty Girl" had foaled and Miss Kitty had decided that was easier than having one of her own, and had stolen it!  Cranky old bag!  
The hour old stud colt was extremely confused (and hungry) and his first time momma was very worried and confused but not allowed any where near him.  
In the end, we got everyone where they should be, putting momma and baby in to a small stall and kicking the old mare right out of the pen.  We rode for the day and then came back to a very contented momma and baby.  And oh, he's SO CUTE!  He will be a red roan, with some nice white stripe markings on his head and four flashy white socks.  
Nikky supporting the mare while the wee peanut finds breakfast.  

Sooo  CUTE!!!  

In other news, we really are back in the saddle!  Happy dance, happy dance!  We've spend the past few days moving cattle and then sorting, sorting, sorting.  We've sorted the drys out (cows without babies), anything with any problems (lame calf etc) and then started sorting for the different ranges.  This is done mostly by the age of the cow (remember those ear tags with the letter indicating the year!)  Once again I'm a bit busy to take photos, but Laura took a few snaps the other day when the kids were helping.  

Big Blue Skies....

Olivia and another young local friend Cody helped with the sorting yesterday.  Reminded me of a song that I sang for them ...."pushing horns ain't easy like the movies said it was......"  Sorting is FUN, but not easy.  It is really hard to be in the correct position all the time and to anticipate what the cow is going to do. Add a horse, some speed and adrenaline and occasionally all heck breaks loose!   It is difficult to apply just enough pressure, but not too much and of course that situation is changing every second.  It is almost an art to really "watch" a cow and only experience will get you there.  So much easier to feel like a cowboy when you are wandering along behind a herd minding their business and just putting one foot in front of the other.   They both did amazing though and were a huge help.  Between Nikky on her Fireball mare, me on Riley and those two, the cows didn't have a chance.  Although her wrist continues to heal well, poor mum is still grounded so had to watch the gate instead of riding.  (For the first time since she was five, I'm sure.)

  Still shoeing as the sun goes down.  Gak!  Almost caught up......

Well, on that note I'd better get back at it.  Hope you are all having as much fun as we are!  Sunshine and horses.....life is wonderful.
Cheers all,


Linda said...

Beautiful photos.

Linda said...

Beautiful photos.