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Thursday 18 October 2018

An Old Memory

I tell myself most every morning that "tonight, I will catch up with the blog!"  Not seeming to get it done, am I?

Well, we are still here and healthy.  We are currently busy with the last bits of rounding up, meaning many miles of slugging through areas you wished you weren't.  Because all the usual, easy places have been checked and the cattle  there already gathered.  Cows were running home pretty quick with our nasty September weather, but not so much anymore.  October has been beautiful and warm.   We ship out our calves on Monday so time is short and no doubt a few smug mummas will bring their calves in with the next snow. 

Two liner loads of calves were sold through a video sale in Williams Lake last week.  I'll see if I can figure out how to attach the video I did this year.  For some reason, the photos seems to turn out blurry.  Anyhow, we were happy enough with the price and the calves are looking great, so no complaints there.  
You should be able to clink the link below saying "2018 Calves".
 2018 Calves

I was cleaning and sorting through my desk recently, and somehow came across a letter that Jackson "wrote"(He would have been about 6 months old.) 
It's fun to read back on and thought I'd share (and then I won't loose it either...)


Well, hi there everyone.  Sorry it has been a long time since the last update, but it is hard to keep mum in the house long enough for me to get onto the computer.  She just checks her mail, shuts it off, scoops me up and we are off somewhere else.  Sometimes we would both like to be home more, but hey, I guess that is what summer is all about!  Something about making hay while the sun shines.  So let's see, at the end of June we had a LONG drive in the truck (sitting backwards, all I saw was SKY, which got really old!) and got to Auntie Megan and Uncle Mark's place.  I sure had a bunch of fun hanging out with them and my cool cousins.  I can see that Levi and I are going to have some good times when I am a bit more mobile!  We stayed with Uncle Tom and Aunt Cheryl for a couple of nights, saw Aunt Liz and Uncle Ian and met heaps more cousins.  Mum said it kinda made her head spin a bit, keeping everyone straight, but she was really happy to get to know a bit more of the family better.  I spent a really special day with my Great Grandma Hatch, Uncle Dennis and Aunt Deb.....we all had great fun and giggles together.  I was getting a bit wore out by the time we got to Cardston, but I did get to meet Great Grandma Jackson (she has beautiful jewelry that I just couldn't keep my hand off of), and stay with cousin Cori Dorsey.  Even met a great Aunt out of the blue, we didn't even know she was there.  All of a sudden a nice lady said "is that the New Year's baby?"  Wow.
  Grandpa Eric was happy when we got back home and updated him on all our stories.  He says he can't believe how fast I'm growing and how much I look like my dad.  I don't see it, not a single hair on my chinny chin chin.  (If there was, I'd tickle HIS belly with them until HE squealed!)  
     Phew, what a trip.  Mum took heaps of photos, but unfortunately put them on a disk at Walmart and hasn't found the disk since!!  Man, that gal, I tell ya!  We are all hoping that it is going to show up.  I know how carefully she puts things away and then promptly forgets where.  Hopefully......
     So then, life back at the ranch.  Busy as always (I keep her busy enough sorting clothes that I am constantly growing out of!)  Dad when right back to work in the fire camp.  There was a real scare there for a while (mum even starting packing a bit) but Dad said Mother Nature helped us out, turning the wind and bringing rain.  Great gal, I haven't met her yet to thank.  Dad worked there for almost a month, but is home haying again now, which makes me and mum happy.  
     Hay season has gotten well started.  Grandma and Grandpa stayed at my house for a while, which was pretty neat.  I have to admit that I like to show off a bit.  Especially to an appreciative audience!  Grandma still call me "the boss"....I'm not sure why.  I am not bossy, I just get what I want.  She said that mum and dad had better have a brother or sister for me before I get too darn spoiled.  Can you imagine such a thing?  I am feeling pretty safe though.  I didn't quite gets mum's reply, but is started off with a very loud and rude sounding snort.
     Grandpa is still calling me "two tooff", but oh well, I think more will grow and besides, he is strong and willing to hold me up on the table while I show off my smiling and tap dancing.  Been spending quite a bit of time with Auntie Sylvia, Kara and Myles too, they sure drive me to giggles!  I was hoping that I could get to ride on the tractor with dad a bit, but I don't know if mum will let me, she says it is too loud.  
     Mum and Uncle Brett have also been shoeing alot horses, and I have to say, the novelty of that is wearing off.  Oh well, they always bring cute young sitters with them to hang out with me, so it isn't really all that bad.  Just seems like when I get settled down for a good nap, we have to move again.  Irritating.  
     I have been riding my horse quite a bit again.  She is very surefooted and honest and always stands perfectly by a rock or stump so mum and I can get on or off no problem.  I saw pictures and I am sure she is the same mare that mum rode when she got married to dad.  Mum says that I shouldn't tell how long we are in the saddle sometimes (something about Child Services, I dunno) but I don't know what the problem is.  Best sleep I ever get is up there, can't hardly keep my eyes open, and besides it is great fun yelling at cows to make them run, especially when mum is trying to quietly sort.  The gals were laughing with me the other day after we had a long cattle drive.  We got down for a break and when mum sat me on the ground, I guess I just kept rocking, like I was still riding.  Didn't bother me a bit, I had a nice cookie for a snack, and away we went again.  Sounds like the big cattle drive is coming up soon.  I sure hope the weather stays nice so mum and I can go.....I'll even get to sleep in a tent overnight!
     Updates on me...well, I am not really crawling, but definitely getting around.  Make me chuckle to roll and scoot just out of mum's sight and watch her frantic face until she finds me.  Or I roll into something that I can't get away from, and have to yell for her to rescue me.  I sit perfectly well too, and can almost run when someone holds my hands.  Especially good of course, when I have an audience.  I don't love the Jolly Jumper as much as I used to, seems that no matter how frantically I jump, I just never get anywhere!  Frustrating.  Like my parents, one of my favorite pastimes is eating.....everything!  Haven't found a food yet that I don't like, and mum is finally starting to let me eat chunkier stuff.  Though I am perfectly capable of putting whatever is in my hand into my mouth, I do prefer to be fed.  Same with the bottle.  I mean, do I have to do everything?  I need all my energy to just keep this family entertained, I figure the least my parents can do is feed me new meals all the time and hold the bottle when I want it.  Got 'em pretty well trained, although they need reminding once in a while.  Yeah, life is good.  
  Wow, I have sure been jabbering for a long time (now you know what mum puts up with!)  I have really got to get to bed, another big day on the way.  
Hope this finds everyone happy and healthy!
"Jackson Hatch"     
Not the photo I was aiming for, but good enough for tonight.  I'm pretty sure this was when we rode to the mountains caribou hunting (Jackson would have been almost 2).  I am riding an Aussie saddle with a blanket rolled up and tied for Jackson to sit on.  He is  well strapped to my chest and it looks like we have plenty of snacks and extra clothing (some things never change....)  And of course I am riding the ever steady Rea (now Ben's horse).

In more current news, Jackson is very nearly as tall as I am.  (Not that anyone has ever given me 5 stars for height....my legs barely reach the ground!)  

 Ben and Jackson as we ride up to the Cabin to spend the night and then help Eli take down the caribou hunting camp.  Ben is riding Sorbay (whom he renamed "Sorebutt".....) and Jackson on Schmoose with trusty Rawsy giving some love.  

Leaves are all gone, but the October weather has been beautiful.  And, as you can see, we are not short of fall feed!  

 Picking through the stubble at Five Mile, Itcha's in the background.  

Not a super photo, but this is the 5 year old paint mare I wrote about earlier this spring.  I think I put up a photo of Cody riding her.  She packed like a champion all summer and now I am putting a bunch of riding miles on her in a short period of time.  She is handling it easily.  It's nice to have a 'local' horse...let me tell you, neither mud nor nasty windfalls bother her one bit.  
For her second outside ride the other day, I took her into one of the nastiest areas I know.  I realize that might not of been the smartest decision to make when by myself, but I'd already worn out Shmoose in the morning retrieving a far away little group of cattle.  And well, she was absolutely perfect so it's all good.  We left the ranch at about 1:30 and got back about an hour after dark....8ish?  We were both soaked and covered in mud and half frozen, but we had 15 head found and back to the ranch.  Now I can say she "has lots of miles" instead of "has had 4 rides..."  
(I do pack a radio and call in occasionally, especially in this type of situation.)     

Best to you all!  


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