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Thursday 15 November 2018

Some favorite photos from the summer

Hey all!
Well, not much new to report on the ranch.  The fall has been nice, but oddly warm and wet.  The horses have all had their shoes pulled and are happily out on fall pasture.  The foals (just two of them this year) have been weaned and are living with their dad now, close to the ranch.  The calves have long quit missing their mommas as well and have settled in to their routines.  My kids are super annoyed that the creek isn't frozen enough to skate on yet, but the cows are happy, so all is well.  The kids have plenty of time to skate yet....  We are also fair in to homeschooling again, trying to hit it as hard as possible while the going is good.  (Which is right up to when calving season hits!)  

It seems I've been spending more than my fair time on the computer trying to get caught up with all the bits and pieces that get shoved back over the busier seasons.  I usually can find plenty of other things to do, but my preferred outside jobs are getting a bit scarce, so not much excuse to not sit in my desk seat.  Yuck.      

I did come across an email that one of my trail riding friends had sent me, so being easily distracted, I went through her photos and am going to post a few favorites.  And then of course I had to go through my own summer ones, so I'll have to share a couple of them as well.  

Love this one of Cody and Jackson.  

Jackson trying to get some speed built up for Magalie.

Bit of smoke, but still beautiful.

Wrangler in training.

Plenty of goats to watch over lunch time.

Meeting of the minds.  Tally appears to be napping.

All Above Photo Credits to Lisa H.  :)  

Pipe Organ Mountain 

Checking on the picket horses at sunrise.

Tough day at the office.

Pan Valley

All the best,



Unknown said...

Beautiful photos. Love your blog!!!

Terra Hatch said...

Thank you! And thanks for taking the time to comment, I appreciate that. 😊