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Monday, 20 April 2015


Well, not a whole lot of time to write today, but after the chastising I got when I was "late" last time, I thought I'd better at least check in and post some photos!  :)   I'm still just impressed people are noticing if I write or not!  

We have less than 80 head of cows to calve now, so winding down for sure.  We did get another set of twins since the last time I wrote (making 8 total so far), but it has worked out fine.  The extra wee fella is now happily part of the play pen group with Black Velvet and Evie and all is well.  

I just got back from a shoeing trip down in the beautiful Bella Coola Valley.  It really is spring down there!  Was very cute to see the boys get so excited about all the green grass and "look mom, DANDYLIONS!!"  

Here is the old champion "Spud" again.  Well dressed by his adoring 9 year old.  And now he has shiny new shoes as well.    

At the Tweedsmuir Lodge in Bella Coola.  

Heading down the Bella Coola "hill".  You can see the road up the other side...

Feeding the horses at Four Mile.  Still snowy Itcha Mountains in the background.  

Feeding the pregnant mares.  

Alright, I'm on the run.  But will be HOME a bit later this week and there will be no more excuses for not keeping up.
Cheers all,

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Diana Bertram said...

oh spud....what a pretty boy...don't forget my sister lives right next door to tweedsmuir lodge.