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Wednesday 15 July 2015

Message From The Dealer

"I'm going!"  "I'm going!"  "I'm going to the mountains!"   

My human says I'm going to the mountains for ten whole days!  She said that normally she would never take a six month old pup, but I'm so big and awesome that I'm going!  I'm going!  I'm going to the mountains!  
I have been working very hard at taking care of my human, but that can be very frustrating when she ties me up.  I yell at her when I see her working when I cannot be there to protect her.  How dare she?  And Bree is a real jerk about teasing me every time they come back from chasing cows without me, but I give her a good rip on her ears and remind her how much bigger I'm going to be than her.  She'll see.  I'm going to be top dog one day.    

My human says I must learn to mind my manners and that keeping the horses in line is not my responsibility.  But when she growls at them to 'hold still' or 'stand back', I can hardly contain myself!  How DARE they push my human.  Totally unacceptable, I say.  I'm very proud of how well I've learned to heel to her, the quad, or to the horse she is riding, I know what "out" means and I know that certain noise my human makes when I'm doing something I probably shouldn't.  I also know my own special whistle which means I'm to come very quickly, but she does not have to use that very often as I rarely let her out of my sight!  Unless I'm stuck on that darn chain that is.  
I'm really good at watching my human shoe horses, and she doesn't even tie me up during the process anymore, unless she is working on young horses.  I cannot contain myself if the horse does not stand perfectly.  It is totally rude and I just have to get involved.  I also really like to sit on her feet, or lean against her legs when she is working and not moving around all the time.  She has mentioned that I am going to get her in to one heck of a wreck, but I don't see how, as long as I'm there to keep the horses in line, all is fine!  

I'm so excited about this mountain trip.  Old Ting is too old to do much these days, but she has been telling stories of uninterrupted human time (my human apparently won't be able to leave me behind to go in to a house), left over sandwiches, all sorts of new scents, dinner scraps, and snuggley naps at lunch time!  Oh, must be heaven on earth. 

Photo Credit Kris A.  

I wonder if I'll get homesick, but I don't think so.  Just imagine the stories I am going to be able to tell Bree, instead of her teasing me about their cow adventures!  I won't miss the boys much I'm sure,  although my human is already sad about leaving them for some reason.  Maybe that means extra snuggles for me!  All my bones and toys are well chewed and boring anyhow.  I guess the cats will still be here to torment when I get back.  Chickens are stupid and just get me in to trouble.  I wonder if there will be any slippers or soft shoes left around for me to chew?  Well, my human says I will soon be spending all my spare time napping instead of getting in to trouble but I guess we will see about that! 
I'm going!  I'm going!  I'm going to the mountains!  ........................       


Gabriela said...

Lovely story...haha!

Unknown said...

I feel the same way Dealer(& if I had a tail I'd be wagging it too!)

Unknown said...

Great post from the dog's perspective. Hope to see more and of course, you're interesting photos.

Ina said...

Dealer sounds like me when I'm about to embark on a trip :-)
I love your blog posts about life in my favourite part of the province (Cariboo-Chilcotins - I was born in Quesnel).
Look forward to your pics and Dealer's thoughts on this mountain trip. Cheers!