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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Mountain Dog

The mountain trip was all a dog could hope for, and then some.  

I can't decide if the food was the best part, or the many hours I spent with my human.  

The first day was a bit rough, I have to admit and I really thought about turning back and going home.  I kept yelling at my human and laying down because I could not heel to her horse like I knew I should (the pack horses were in the way!) and the brush was too thick to walk beside her.  It was really annoying and I kinda freaked out.  Then she walked with me for a while so that helped and then taught me a new trick when the other humans stopped for a break.  I didn't know I could run out IN FRONT of her horse!  That was pretty cool and made me feel much better.  I'm so good at it now, I'm really amazing.   

My human says that just one of the reasons that I have to be extra nice to the horses is so they don't ever try and hurt me.  Sometimes I get in a hurry and run in to their hind legs, or even under their bellies and they never kick at me.  I've even fallen asleep against their feet when my human is packing.  Sometimes they poke me with their nose to remind me to move.  I really want to chase them sometimes, especially when they are running, but I sure get in trouble for even thinking about it!  My humans horse lets me lean against her legs and jump on the stirrup for some love.  I also learned that I can RIDE on a horse!  My human taught me how easily I can jump on top of all sorts of things like rocks, stumps, packboxes, piles of bags etc.  And then she taught me that I can jump from a rock or stump right in to her arms when she is on her horse!  I'm so amazing!  I also learned what "lie down" and "stay" meant on the trip and I'm very good at it.  I only really like to do all my new tricks in for my human.  It is kind of embarrassing and makes me shy when other people are watching.  

My human says I put on at least 3 times the miles that the rest of the pack train did, but there is lots to see and smell!  We saw quite a few caribou.  I think I could have brought them for a closer look since everyone was so interested in them, but my human would not let me.  We also saw goats several times and marmots that make the most confusing noise.....it is a whistle almost like my human uses to call me.  

I have to admit as well, that my human was right about getting tired.  Sometimes I couldn't keep my eyes open when we stopped.  One time I fell right over when I feel asleep sitting up.  I would have been embarrassed but I was too tired to care.  My human usually ties me up when we get to camp.  It's annoying in a way, but also a relief because then I can really konk out.  Otherwise I just try and move in front of her constantly, trying to guess where she is going and fall asleep on top of whatever she is planning to pick up or work with.  That way I can get a quick nap but she can't sneak off without me.  It's really exhausting work.  

And yep, the lunch time naps were wonderful.  My human can fall asleep almost as fast as I can, although sometimes we wrestle over the best place to snuggle in.  She sleeps outside at night as well but I'm always there to protect her, just as I should be.  

Oh, and I can tell, you the left-overs were amazing and the humans were great about sharing.  I had baked salmon for the first time, steak scraps, meatballs, beef roast drippings and gravy, some bits of chicken skins (why can't we have the bones?), bacon grease (there is NEVER left over bacon, I can't understand that either), sausage, pancakes and of course all the potatoes, rice, pasta and veggies.  That stuff is even edible if there is enough bacon grease or gravy on it!  Oh so good.     

We are home now and once again I don't get to go with my human all the time.  Her and Bree and some of the others are busy chasing cows again.  She says she would love to take me, but I'm still just a bit too young and she doesn't want me getting hurt.  Maybe this fall if I keep practicing my manners!  Meanwhile, I'm eating all I can, sleeping lots and getting ready for our next trip in to something called the Ilgatchuz.  I hope there is bacon grease there as well. 

Cheers everyone!                                                                         


chris czajkowski said...

A really fun post. I can visualize it all perfectly!


rgary200 said...

What a great post. I agree with Chris! THANKS