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Wednesday 16 March 2016

A Photo a Day

With this years season being so incredibly busy so far, I just can't seem to find the time to write in the blog.  Any extra moments are spent reading to the kids, doing laundry or paying bills.  Or maybe even a little wee nap, although those have been few and far between.  Most of my time is spent going around and around between the barns and pens.  We had 40 in just over 24 hours.....  That's quite a few for us and our system.  It won't keep up like this, but meanwhile, we are certainly running ragged.
 I recently read about an Ontario farmer who posted a photo a day for one year.  What a great idea!  I can do that.....  they won't get posted every single day, but I should be able to keep up pretty well.  
And of course I will write my usual posts as well, but this should take the pressure off a little.  

So here is my official 'first' Photo of the Day.  
Taken at 2am this morning.....

  I love this shot.  Walking through the pens on my check, I heard the tell tale sounds of a momma cow welcoming her new baby.  My headlamp beam soon found the proud momma and somehow a great photo came about.  No editing, just taken from the light of my headlamp.

Cheers all!


Unknown said...

A PHOTO A DAY. Great idea!

kolea said...

What a great photo, capturing the beauty of birth and the hard work, diligence, and compassion of you and your team. Thanks

Terra Hatch said...

Bit of a challenge for myself! Cheers!

Terra Hatch said...

Lucky shot turned out great, didn't it? My favorite one of the season.... Thank you for your thoughtful comment.