Welcome to our ranch near Canada's west coast in Beautiful British Columbia's West Chilcotin mountain region. Where calling the vet means hollering back at the house to bring your kit, new friendships are formed from the back of a horse and true fun for a five year old is getting a machete for Christmas. Where 'cutting the dinks off' has a totally different meaning than what first comes to mind, Muck Boots are a household name, a hand shake still means something and the coffee is always on.

Tuesday 8 March 2016

Just a few photos

I figured I better check in quick to let you know I hadn't dropped of the end of the earth or been stomped by a cow.  
We are crazy busy at the moment and just no extra time at all.  The cows have been on steady 'night shift' and not slowing much during the day.  
Only a few tonight though, and just one heifer calving at the moment, so I thought I'd at least share a couple of photos. 

 Evie has calved (guess which one is hers?) and the extra babies are all very excited about it!  

First time momma and baby having a rest.  

 Nice Day.  

 Not so nice.  Blech.  

Momma following her new baby in the calf sleigh as we bring them to a dry barn stall.  (Sleigh is pulled behind the quad.)  

Morning entertainment.  

Alright, have to go check my heifer.  
Cheers all, and thanks for your patience....we will slow a bit after this initial rush I'm sure.  

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