Welcome to our ranch near Canada's west coast in Beautiful British Columbia's West Chilcotin mountain region. Where calling the vet means hollering back at the house to bring your kit, new friendships are formed from the back of a horse and true fun for a five year old is getting a machete for Christmas. Where 'cutting the dinks off' has a totally different meaning than what first comes to mind, Muck Boots are a household name, a hand shake still means something and the coffee is always on.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Photos #2,#3

Photo number 2....
Do you see them?  I see them!  
The mountains beyond the cows.....!!  
Even some bare patches showing through up there.  

Photo of the Day number 3 (March 18)

Cheeky visitor!  
Actually, it appears this fox is taking up permanent residence as we've been seeing him quite regularly.  
He quite proudly presented himself for photo opportunities this afternoon on the hay bales and here is keeping a close eye on mum's dog.  


Raeleen Campsall said...

I'm not Raeleen, I'm Leslie and I love your blog. Check it frequently. Best photos, excellent tales.

Terra Hatch said...

Hi Leslie! Thank you, I'm truly delighted you are enjoying the blog. Your comment totally made my day. 😊