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Monday, 9 February 2015

Another day at the office

'Tis been a bit frantic around the ranch lately with Eli still away in Portland.  He's on his way home today and we are all looking forward to having him back.  

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the usual line up of chores hasn't diminished any.  Being short handed only means chasing my tail faster!  

We've been keeping a close eye on the horses and they still look great.  Was wonderful that my very awesome friend Nikky was able to come up and have a look at them with me yesterday.  It's nice to have a second opinion on their condition and just plain fun to hang out!     

Coming for their grain treat.  
 I've taken this shot to show how the horses dig down to get at the grass.  We are very lucky in this country to be able to have the quality of feed to do this.  The grain is fed out where it has been previously 'rustled' so it does not disappear in the snow.  

The cows are sure starting to 'show' and getting ready for our calving season is quickly becoming first priority.  There are corrals and barns to clean out, cows to move and sort, vaccinations to give and pens to bed.  And then we will get busy.  :)  

Plus the random chores, like counting hay bales.  Our Aussie friend Laura has decided that crawling on top of the snow is easier than falling through....   yes, I laughed.  Hard.  And then I joined her.  The dogs give you odd looks, but it works.    

This was just previous to us working hard on getting the snowmobile unstuck.  Although Laura doesn't have much experience, I finally told her to drive while I lifted and pushed and to not stop until she hit the track (about 15 feet away).  Well, it started moving, and she shot off to my "go, go, GO!"  She did what she was told and didn't stop .......and after bucking and diving though the untouched snow, she did finally ended up on the track..... but about 100 yards away.  I couldn't see her face but the imagine of her frantic body language as she tried to stay on top and desperately steer still makes me laugh out loud.  She was a bit frazzled but laughing nearly as hard as me.  Took me a few moments to compose myself before I could yell out the next suggestion.  "Get back here and pick me up!"    

Best to you all!

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