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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Bella Coola and back again

Sadly, this is the only photo I remembered to take on my trip to Bella Coola (at about 7 am on our way down.)  Apparently when my head is down and my rear is up, trimming horses as quickly and efficiently as possible, a camera is no longer a priority.
It truly is an amazing and awe inspiring valley and most certainly so when the weather is as beautiful as it was.   Doubly appreciated by me as I usually seem to hit rain or extreme heat on my shoeing trips down there.  Reminds me of  a t-shirt I had once "Farriers are like cats.  They don't come when they are called and they refuse to go out in to the rain".  And it's true, there are few things I detest more than shoeing in the rain.  Feet full of mud, tools plugged, rain running down your back,.....true nastiness.  Anyhow, this time it was a nice warm, dry trip.  Not too many horses to kill me off in my current 'winter shape' and some good visits in too. Next time I'll take photos....

Meanwhile, back at the ranch we've finished all the sorting and vaccinating and are mostly ready.  And just in time, as the first wee one arrived safe and sound late this morning.  So it begins.

On that note, I'm signing off and going to bed as this will be one of the last opportunities for a full night of sleep, in my own bed, until near the middle of April.  Oh that's not such a nice thought, is it?  

Cheers all!

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