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Friday 13 February 2015

Got 'em tagged.....thanks everyone!

So people do read this!  
Awesome....and doubly awesome because I didn't have to spend a bunch of time trying to figure out 'Z' names.  I'm totally impressed at how many people answered the last post and sent suggestions.  Thank you thank you.  And who said blogging was a waste of time?  Ha.  (I can almost say the word 'blog' now without feeling slightly uncomfortable.  Except to my parents.  That still feels weird.)    

So this morning I made up the tags.  

Sometimes, if it makes sense and I am organized enough, we try to make the new names kinda match the momma names.  This doesn't always work out, but for example the mother of Zale was Dale and the mother of Zayla was Layla.  

We did get the 'first calvers' vaccinated and tagged today, but we were a bit too busy to get many good photos.  Besides, I start getting cross eyed looks from the rest of the crew if I'm running around with a camera rather than a sorting stick or a vaccination gun.  No sense of humor these people.  :)    

These ladies are getting an ear hair trim so their tags are more visible.  

So we are back at it tomorrow.  It will take us several more days to get everything moved, vaccinated, sorted and moved again.  Hopefully we at least get the vaccinating done as I'm sneaking away on Sunday for the spring trimming trip to Bella Coola.  (Did I mention I am a semi-retired farrier?)  I'll try and take photos while I'm there.....it will be mud and green grass....bit different from the ice and snow here.  Always a nice change and wonderful people to visit.  Just the work that's tough.  lol  

Cheers all,

Moving yearlings yesterday.  

Some crazy sunsets going on these days!  

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