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Thursday 5 February 2015

Checking On Ponies

Headed up to the Two Mile meadow with me on the tractor and Laura on the snowmobile to check the horses today.  Weather started out snowy and nasty, but turned out to be a beautiful day.   (Spring?  HA!)

view from the tractor 

Brought grain on for one group and hay for the other.  They were all happy with their treats of course.  So far they all look great, but we will bring them home in a couple of weeks anyhow.  

We've had a few inches of new snow.  Not that we need any more, but it is good in a way because it helps to rot out the crust that we got after the rain.

I think we are going to have quite a foal crop to look forward to this year! We put 5 of our mares with the stallion and I'm positive that at least 4 are pregnant.  (Last year we bred 3 mares and none caught.)  For those that know our herd, that is Lucy, Miss Kitty, Bun and Pretty Girl.  I'm also thinking that Dusty caught late as well.  Nothing cuter than a new born foal.  Except maybe two baby beavers....but that is another story!


Percy and Fuzzy 

Eli is away at the Portland Sportsman Show right now, promoting our new business.  It has been going well down there I hear, but I'll be happy when he is home again.  That website is updated, so you can have a look here if you choose.  www.lehmancreek.ca

Also, Jeffrey has finished off our trail riding website so you can check out the 2014 photo gallery at www.six-mile-ranch.ca

The best to you all,

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